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PAIF-SME works to better organize DSC-SFD documents

The Support Project for Financial Inclusion and Access to Finance for Small and Medium Enterprises (PAIF-PME) organized on Thursday, October 22, 2020 in Ouagadougou a scoping meeting of the study on the archiving of documentation and archives of the Directorate of Surveillance and Control of Decentralized Financial Systems (DSC-SFD). It was under the chairmanship of Mr. KIENTEGA K. Séraphin, in charge of the project.

The consultants assigned to the task exposed their working method and the different stages of the study before taking into account the amendments of the participants to achieve the objectives of the mission.
As a reminder, it is within the framework of the setting up of an archiving system for the documents of the Department of Monitoring and Control of Decentralized Financial Systems that the PAIF-PME recruited consultants for the organization of the archives of the said Department.

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